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wow WoW Update Posted on: 30-07-2016 By MTN
We took a small break from raiding, but decided to do a trial run again this sunday since the Legion Prepatch has launched

The Legion Pre-Patch has hit giving us our new specs and talents for Legion.
With alot of changes to most specs, like a complete new spec a melee hunter.
The transmog system has launched aswell. alot of changes has come to WoW.
More info:

Demon Hunter:
The next pre patch which also contains the invasion will also contain the Demon Hunter,
patch will be release 9th of august

Our officer list have been updated again which contains out of:

Preatorion (MTN)
Xai (Zeus)

Our own DEA WoW Facebook group can be found here:

Everyone is still welcome, new and returning members,
we will only limit the Demon Hunter to current members since almost everyone will make one
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wow HFC and Guild update Posted on: 12-04-2016 By MTN
Time for a monthly update on the WoW side. still slowly progressing through HFC.
We are currently on 12/13 HFC normal only Archimonde is left for us to clear to be able to say we cleared HFC on normal.

We used to be short of tanks but that problem is now resolved but on the flipside rotating now a bit with healers.
We did develop a steady raidgroup which means we have a core raid team now.

Risla started logging the fights for us attendance can be seen here:

On old DEA note, we saw Xai (Zeus) coming back to WoW and this week Bridgid and the misses returned aswell.
Leroybrown joined with his mage which means we have another dps/healer available
This means we get more and more old DEA-ers returning to WoW and their old home.

We already started forming a list for raiders for Legion so we are prepared to raid from the start when the Legion comes.
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wow Update from the WoW side again :) Posted on: 13-03-2016 By MTN
Slowly we have formed a steady raid group and have steady team of ~12 players
Tonight we managed to down Gorefriend and Socrethar putting our progress 7/13 on HFC
Progress has picked up the last two weeks and we can start about clearing the place.
Not bad for a Guild who hasnt raided since Cataclysm and who had not more then 3-4 active members start of WoD.

Our officers team has changed again since last post. Most spots are taken now by old DEA members
Seraphim, Danadris, Lundene, Mooneyes and the last addition a new member our main tank Risla.
Who also took the role in helping leading the raid and doing the tactics.

We still keep a strict rule of 1 month offline is kick (unless valid reason givin)
Which keeps our members base atm on 650-700 characters. We seen some more old faces back from DEA or from other guilds
on skullcrusher/xavius/al'akir.

if any old/new members want to join ask an officer or add mtn or tisiphone on

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wow WoW 2015-2016 Posted on: 28-01-2016 By MTN
WoW Update 2016

2016 had started so lets have a look back and a look forward.
In 2015 Tisiphone and Preatorion decided to get some live back in the DEA Guild.
Which more then succeeded with alot of new members we are slowly moving forward and hope to have a good base for Legion (the next expansion)

Social side has grown alot, with in early 2015 only 3-4 members max online its nog most 20-30 members online.
Doing PVP, Dungeons ands raiders togheter, so there is something for everyone.

The combined server we are on (Al'Akir, Xavius, Skullcrusher) is not the most active on the alliance side.
But besides one active raid guild (Deus Ex Machine) we are the only other guild who seem to grow in number and activity.
Most active guilds on the alliance are falling down but we are still moving up in activity.

PVE Progress:
We are still working on a core raid team, we started late this expansion but having a core late this expansion we hope to take next expansion.
At this point the core keeps expanding but we still have different faces everytime there is a raid,
offcourse of which we hope they will start coming weekly so we can make a core.

Old DEA Members:
Not long after we revived we had Lundene coming back, about a month ago we saw Mooneyes return.
And a few days back we saw Seraphim back in the guild alongside his wife, the both migrated back characters.
Old DEA members are more then welcome back on whatever intrest thay have, may it be social, raiding, pvp or bringing up memories of Lundene dying.

If you want to know any information about the guild you can contact me on mtn#2510
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wow WoW December Posted on: 11-12-2015 By MTN
Time for a new update, the WoW section grew to 900+ members. Cause of having that many members we decided to remove players who have been inactive for 2 months +

We are still trying to get some raiding progress going, but starting late expansion this is a bit hard. but at this moment we do alot of Mythic dungeon which drop better loot then the Hellfirce Citadel raid on normal where we still try to progress. The mythic dungeon helps to gear us for the raids to make things a bit easier.

At this moment we still lack raiders in all sorts.

We also have changed the team leading our WoW section
Which has become a mix of old DEA players and new players with what our team looks now like this:

Preatorion (GM) Member 2011 present.
Long lasting DEA member since 2003 (mtn),
Became GM after being inactive during MOP,
And who helped getting DEA back active by recruiting alot of new members (together with Tisiphone)
and helps on the raids and dungeons as Holy Paladin.

Tisiphone (Officer) 2015 present.
She is our event planner, main recruiter (together with Preatorion),
and our raid leader. In other words,
this is the woman who runs the show on most of our activities and keeps our guild active.

Darknorths (Officer) 2015 present.
Old WoW player who is helping us to push for Raids and dungeons and
will be one of our main healers.
Slowly his addition to the guild is growing on raiding and trying to set his own events.

Lundene (Officer) 2005 present.
Uncle fester is our Guild joker who is always prepared to help everyone and anyone,
always in for a good chat.

Criplette (Officer) 2010 present.
Long lasting DEA member who brings in a lot of experience in almost all the classes,
always prepared to help people when they need to.
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