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dea news
Road To Victory
Posted on: 29-09-2008 , By Eric*DEA
A while back we decided to join Euro Domination, we also decided to sign up for 2 divisions and a tournament in EDOM for this new season.

For the Euro Domination Road To Victory (Basic Mode) tournament we were scheduled in groupe 2 together with ={TSC}=, =[SD]=, SB, DGK, {BPU}, [DI] and [D-A]. This tournament will last for 7 weeks, each week one round is played, every round has one certain map assigned and one opponent. Yesterday we started our first round versus the Screaming Ducks, an experienced team who's already playing for a long time in EDOM and has won the Light Dragoons division twice, a division we signed up for as well. Together with TSC and SB we consider SD the strongest teams in our groupe.
I always thought: 'Let's try to beat one of those 3 teams and we might surprise in our 1st season'.
The map was Strike, we knew this was a quality team so we decided to come up with the strongest line up possible for us on that day. We started with Phoenix, TarZan, Joop, Miracle and myself.

As in any other EDOM match we started with a 'kniferound', the winner of this rounds picks the side to start with. We lost the kniferound, SD picked 'attack' at first. We were satisfied with that since we wanted to pick 'defence' at first if we would have won the kniferound. After having talked through our tactics we started, we did good and managed to win the 1st round. After that we were surprised by the fast rushing and change of directions by SD in the rounds that followed, it was hard for us to adapt to it, once the 1st half was underway we were loosing with 2 to 4. However from that moment we anticipated well on our opponent and ended the 1st half in a 7 to 5 score in our advantage.

Now we switched sides, meaning we had to attack this time. And since it is Search and Destroy we had to either kill them all or plant the bomb. We decided to focuss on bombside A and the whole 2nd half we just kept focussed on our own tactics, they played as what we expected them to play on this side and we did well enough to secure roundwins. However there were enough points we could improve in and enough rounds we lost because of the mistakes we made. But still after fighting hard and giving a hundred and ten % motivation, effort and concentration we managed to secure a 13 to 11 victory for *DEA. This all after a stunning and intense fight versus SD, cuz sure it wasn't easy.

I can't say any of us made us win personally, we all worked hard together and we won yesterday as a team, everyone did what was asked to be done... I couldn't ask for more!

Good job to the team and thanks to SD for giving us a nice match and showing great behavior.

Well as I said before, I was hoping for one win versus my 3 favorites in this division. After one match played we already won one versus those 3 stronger once... this makes me wonder... how far can we reach? Time will tell, we know it's still a long way but maybe our advantage is that we still need to learn a lot, who knows how much better we are in 7 weeks, time will tell but the fact remains that we're still on the road to victory...
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Posted on: 29-09-2008, By 3R

Gotta love my long stories ^^

Posted on: 29-09-2008, By ClubMed

Nice piece of writing Eric*DEA! I was a supporter on TS, this one was more then a thriller. Awesome results guys!

Posted on: 30-09-2008, By zubzero

lol i was support to on ts . god job guys now you make me proud :D

Posted on: 30-09-2008, By Đírtbag

Nice report :)

Posted on: 03-10-2008, By =[SD]= Spons

We'll meet each other again soon on the battlefield, be prepared :D

Posted on: 03-10-2008, By 3R

Hehe hope so :)

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