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dea news
Road To Victory - Week 3
Posted on: 12-10-2008 , By Eric*DEA
Tonight the 3rd match in our Road To Victory campaign for Euro Domination had to be played. The team DGK, full: Dicks Get Kicked, were waiting for us. With having won the first two matches in our groupe and we knew that one of the favorites in this groupe ={TSC}= had lost there 3rd week match. This meant we had a golden chance to be on top of the groupe. This gave us pressure because if we want to win we had to take this chance and come home with three points.

So back to the match, the map was District, and we had never played this map in a match yet in the last months. We had no tactics for it and we never specified any positions on it. So to be honest we had no clue what to do. However right before the match our new member .cYpher came to me with a nice tactic for District. We decided to use this. Our line up for this match was: Eric, sHAE, Yousef, Miracle & TarZan.

First we had to knife round to decide which side we start on. We won the knife round and we all on teamspeak said: 'we'll pick defence!' and I typed 'opfor' (this isn't defence but the attacking side,) so I made a mistake here, however in the end this might of been a great mistake...

We won the first 2 rounds, we played according to the tactics we had, then we lost a couple of rounds, we died by blowing up cars and nades. However after they reached 5 rounds we fought our way back, we got up from our loosing situation and won the 1st half with 7 to 5.

After this we had to defend, we played according the tactics given by Cypher. The result was that we totally walked over the opponent, we blew them up with nades, we rushed them and we only lost one round out of twelve on the defensive side: result we won with 18-6. Not bad, this result is good for the rounddifference which is important if we might ever end on same points with some other team. But well for the moment we don't need to worry about that, we won! We're leading the groupe at the moment, who would of thought that when we began?

So in short, it all looks good and bright, but we're not there yet, there's still 4 matches left, and some of them for sure won't be easy. But one thing is sure, the other teams will be watching us.

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Posted on: 12-10-2008, By Deadly*DEA

Well played lads!

Posted on: 12-10-2008, By ClubMed

Wahoo!!! DEA FTW!!!

Posted on: 12-10-2008, By zubzero

gj guys ;)

Posted on: 13-10-2008, By Angerfist


Posted on: 13-10-2008, By Miracle


Posted on: 13-10-2008, By 3R

:D GJ 3R! U rule! jk :D Let's keep going guys :)

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