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dea news
Well...yeah... More from us!
Posted on: 18-10-2008 , By Deadly*DEA
Ok. Tonight we had 2 Eurodomination matches. One against =EMF= and the other one against :teamN:.

We started off with the map Showdown versus EMF. Our line up was j00p, deadly, eric, phoenix and our new sexy ass player BoBsaget! This match was quite intence but we managed to do well on both sides with good attacking which is the harder side on this map. The endresult was 17 - 7 to *DEA. Well played and thanks for the match =EMF=!
Also, we regret to inform that Taz from THE clan, did not play today... We hope to meet Taz from the clan and we hope he will play one day.

Now the other match was against a clan that had defeated us a couple of times in the Eurodomination tourney, teamN. This clan was one of our biggest threats and with a lot of practice we managed to beat them on Strike with a 16 - 8. But still we knew this clan is very good at playing vacant wich we were about to play once again.

This match was very nerve wrecking. Our line up was j00p, eric, shae, cypher and phoenix. We lost the knife and the opponent picked attack so we started as defence. It was quite a good fight on defence wich ended up in a 7 - 5 result to us. In the attacking round magic had ci and never came back so we played with 4 people through half of the attacking side. Luckily i got yousef to join! Directly when yousef joined he managed to collect 3 frags on them but then suddenly eric had problems with his net aswell. He never came back through the rest of the attacking side. But with anger and sweat we managed to break it down to 13 - 11. We did an awesome rush on B in the end wich teamN had no clue about since they thought we were only attacking A wich we were. boom shakkalaka!!
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Posted on: 18-10-2008, By 3R

Nice report Joop, sorry that my net went down. Taz from the clan rules :D

Posted on: 19-10-2008, By j00p

LOL taz from the clan. Who put that in hmmmm? ;)

Posted on: 19-10-2008, By Herkulez

impressive guys...gratz on another well done job :)

Posted on: 19-10-2008, By ClubMed

Nice result guys. Who the hell is Taz???

Posted on: 19-10-2008, By 3R

Taz from the clan is a member of EMF, on every upcoming match for EMF he posts on EDOM site saying: 'Hi I'm Taz, from the clan. Can I join?' :D It's so funny lol.

Posted on: 19-10-2008, By Ðírtbag

Hi I'm Dirtbag from the Clan can I play :D Anyway gj guys!!

Posted on: 20-10-2008, By àléxander

nice seeing cod4 section improve week after week;) well done guys

Posted on: 20-10-2008, By Duke

cod4 < bhd :P

Posted on: 20-10-2008, By 3R

CoD4: 100000 opponents BHD: 2 opponents :D

Posted on: 21-10-2008, By j00p

Well said eric :D

Posted on: 12-11-2008, By FSMitch


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