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dea news
COD4 Division Update
Posted on: 04-11-2008 , By Eric*DEA
It has been a while since we updated on our status in the CoD4 division, but no that doesn't mean it's going bad, in fact today we've finally managed to 'officially' give us a moment to celebrate. Today the match *DEA vs {-BB-} was played on Strike which resulted in a 16-8 win for *DEA, this meant we now are out of reach for any other team in the Irish Guards division in the EuroDomination League. With having played 14 matches there, winning 13 and loosing 1 we've done outstanding in that division. It's not offically yet, the season ends on 9th of November, then we'll recieve our 1st award for this division. But since we've done so well there: Congrats to all CoD4 members, well done!

For the rest last week(s) we've played two tournament matches for Road To Victory Tournament. Here we had a draw (12-12) versus [D-A] and after that we managed to walk over [DI] in a smashing 24-0 win. This means we are still the only undefeated team in our Road To Victory groupe. However there's 2 crucial and hard matches left: vs TSC (9-11) and vs ~SB (12-11), after that last match the current season will end. We're still able to reach the 1st spot in our groupe, however we can also end on 4th for example. It will be hard.

We've also been active in the Light Dragoons division in EDOM. However with being new and since this is a bit harder division and we can't just play with our strongest line up all the time we didn't manage to keep up with favorites D.O.K, however in this division we've shown great play and beated great opponents such as EUnet, TeamN and TSC. D.O.K we've played a lot, but never won yet, the last two matches vs them we lost 12-13 in overtime. Not good enough, but it shows we're on the way up bigtime.

Anyway with the season coming to an end I can say nothing more then well done to all of us. We've managed to create an active division which is having lots of fun and which is actually winning more matches then loosing and competing in EuroDomination. We've secured the golden medal in Irish Guards division now, however we might add some more awards to our list at the end of this season... or maybe not. Whatever it will be... I'm more then satisfied!

Long story, sorry. Eric out ;)
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Posted on: 04-11-2008, By Deadly*DEA

Talk about progress? Well done lads!

Posted on: 05-11-2008, By Đírtbag

Well done lads, keep up the good work!

Posted on: 05-11-2008, By Yousef

Im very proud of myself, i mean us.. us, thats what i ment :D

Posted on: 05-11-2008, By Angerfist

go team. nice post eric

Posted on: 05-11-2008, By Boondock

well done boys, congrats

Posted on: 05-11-2008, By Herkulez

Congratz guys :) well deserved, keep it up

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