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dea news
Euro Domination Season 13
Posted on: 10-11-2008 , By Eric*DEA
Since last summer *DEA build on a new start in Call of Duty 4. This time the main goal was to stay active.
Soon after we had a decent active team we decided to join Euro Domination where Season 13 was about to kick off. We joined the Irish Guards and Light Dragoons division and the Road To Victory tournament groupe 2. Yesterday on 9th November the 13th Season in Euro Domination came to an end.

I can say the main goal we achieved easily, since 14 september 2008 untill yesterday we played 54 Euro Domination matches, isn't that active?

But off course, we also play to win. We wanted to be active and have fun as main priority off course, that all worked. The team we have in my opinion is getting more friendly towars each other each day and is having lots of fun. But I'm happy to say that in this 1st season in Euro Domination *DEA has managed to win 2 awards. This are our results at the end of this season:

Irish Guards - Original Mode: 1st place, Gold.

Light Dragoons - Basic Mode: 3rd place, Bronze.

Road To Victory - Basic Mode:
to be decided on wednesday, most likely 3rd or 4th place. Both won't give us an award. 2nd place (Silver) is still possible, however we'll need to win by a lot to achieve this.

Full standings:
Irish Guards division
Light Dragoons division
Road To Victory tournament

We honestly didn't expect to get results this fast in our 1st season, however one thing will be even harder now. Achieving the same performance next season will be hard, but off course we'll go for that.

We preformed brilliantly in the Irish Guards division, in the Light Dragoons division we started off really well but in the end the team ={TSC}= fought back brilliantly with some new members, well done to them! We came close to beating D.O.K in this division too, but so far we didn't manage to do so. But I'm sure we'll be victorious over them very soon. The Road To Victory tournament was a nice and exciting ride. We battled hard for every match, it were all very hard opponents. We got far and we for sure weren't the favorites, yet in the end we are standing above and among the favorites in that groupe. We came close, next season we will try again!

The 14th season will arrive sooner or later, however at first there will be a short break, in where we'll play friendlies and Euro Domination Ladder matches.
Also in this period Dirtbag will give his best shot to get an active Call of Duty: World at War division up from the ground. This division is set to take part in the 14th Euro Domination season as well. Let's wish Dirtbag the best of luck and let's hope that division can hold the *DEA name high in Euro Domination too! If you want to help our newborn CoD:WW division, then fill in a join application now!

Now as last note in this news message I want to thank all CoD4 members for putting time in *DEA these last months and helping *DEA to get an active succesfull division! We've all done it together, however off course without Angerfist aka Mr. Cool we couldn't have made it!
Also big thanks to *DEA's council (Al Bundy, Dirtbag, McCoy) for the big help here and there, whether it was in advice or website related stuff. You guys have no idea how much a well organised council in a team means to me!

Yesterday we also received 'congratulations' from, {-BB-}, =8th=, =EMF= and vFg, all of them opponents from the Irish Guards division. They all showed great sportmanship throughout the campaign. It's been one nice and friendly division!
Let's hope we see them all again next season!

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Posted on: 10-11-2008, By Angerfist


Posted on: 10-11-2008, By Ðírtbag

Well done everyone

Posted on: 10-11-2008, By Ðírtbag

Well done everyone, and congrats

Posted on: 10-11-2008, By Stretch

Well done guys, congrats.

Posted on: 10-11-2008, By j00p

Thanks for the win angerfist =D

Posted on: 10-11-2008, By Al Bundy

Congratullations to you all on COD4. With all that work and enthusiasm you put into this, you deserve it.

Posted on: 10-11-2008, By Yousef

yeaaaa, waiting to see the results of the last ladder!! We either go fill the 2nd, 3rd or fourth place :O Last match is going to be hoooooot lol. BTW nice job Deadly and Eric, for leading the team there, and ofcourse for Clubmed and Troll for being excellent officers and not letting you do some crazy shit :D

Posted on: 10-11-2008, By Boondock

congratz boys, well deserved

Posted on: 12-11-2008, By àléxander

good job! other 2 awards in our showcase! :)

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