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dea news
Tonights Match Vs UN
Posted on: 30-11-2008 , By Eclipse*DEA
Tonight we played UN in an EGL league match. The maps were House of Pain and Dust Devil. House of Pain A, the long side for us, we played well and controlled the zone for long periods. However we were not able to hold the zone for 10 minutes and lost it at the end. We were unable to clear and lost the map. Second map we had the short side and again we controlled the zone for long periods. We got to 8 minutes but lost control of the PSP's which cost us the zone. We then had 2 minutes to clear and managed to work well as a team to clear and win the map to make it 1-1.

Dust Devil A, we started very well and had both PSP's for the majority of the map apart from the last 3 minutes. Poor communication on our part made us clear ourselves with 7 minutes on the clock and made the map go to the distance. Unfortunately we got cleared within the last 3 minutes and did not have enough time to get control of the zone again and lost the map.

Dust Devil B, see Dust Devil A really. UN did win the PSP one or two times during the map and we did not organise ourselves well enough to clock the map. Again it got to the last few minutes and we got cleared, leaving us with no time to clear.

So we lost 1-3 and we would like to congratulate UN on being the first team to beat us in 6 months. Although we were unfortunate not to have won the match, it has been a good wake up call for us and we will work on our mistakes. Unfortunately for our rivals, the team has now decided to pick Desert Fox as our home map for a while and you do not need me to tell you what that means.
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Posted on: 01-12-2008, By Deus*DEA

:-) will be nice to play a map that just takes pure aim again.

Posted on: 01-12-2008, By Zed*DEA

F4 nabs. at least it matters to them so much that they finally actually won a match.

Posted on: 01-12-2008, By Duke*DEA

Well played everyone. Now let's do it again.

Posted on: 01-12-2008, By Eric*DEA

ul, gl next time :)

Posted on: 01-12-2008, By řin*DEA

first loss after 8 month, who cares about that loss ^^

Posted on: 01-12-2008, By j00p

Wake up call? Wtf uve been crushing every clan until now. :D

Posted on: 01-12-2008, By XtenT*DEA

DF i always thought was our home map, wondered how come we changed anyway. I enjoy the map will look frward to playing it :D

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