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dea news
Message from the CoD4 soldiers!
Posted on: 06-12-2008 , By Deadly*DEA
Hello people, it has once again been a while since you heard from us. Well, as you can see, we are still here, alive and kicking, our team solidifying more and more with every day that passes.

Euro Domination is currently still out of season and it will be for a prolonged time untill CoD: WaW has it's match mod (PAM:WW) fixed and ready to roll. For the time being, we have focussed on playing ladder matches and have been doing allright with them.

Some inactivity peaks left and right caused us to accept new faces in the team, or should I say welcome old people back home. Therefor I'd like to welcome Stretch, who came back a month ago, showing us his heart and soul lies in this team, he also resumed his XO spot as before and I am happy, to once more see the one who got me into this division, play alongside us. Also Bluezebra has returned to us, the founder of the CoD4 division alongside TarZan and Stretch, although he will be playing CoD:WaW, he is a welcome member to the team and we are delighted to see him with us once more. Nutrini has also joined our ranks, he will play both CoD4 and CoD:WaW for us, he's been a friend of DEA for a very long time and it's with happiness and pride we can call him one of ours. Also, TurboPulse, a man of few words has joined our ranks. He has been spotted by Deadly on the Xfire public boards and you don't need to wonder, he is an amazing guy with dedication and patience throughout the whole line and we wish him good luck with his trial period.
Also, Joop, who showed dedication, hard work, patience and also responsability has become an officer in our ranks and we are absolutely certain that he will be a valuable asset to the team and the officer group.

More matches are to be played and we are still fully busy develloping the CoD4 division to it's optimal status and you will keep hearing from us!
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Posted on: 07-12-2008, By Stretch

roll on next season :D

Posted on: 07-12-2008, By Angerfist

hell ye :D

Posted on: 09-12-2008, By Eric*DEA

Roll on boys :)

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