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dea news
EDOM X-Mas Cup
Posted on: 23-12-2008 , By Eric*DEA
Mondaynight, we have begun the match of our long-awaited Christmas Knockout-cup. The draw placed us against one of our toughest opponents, the Riders of Avalon.
We decided to go as prepared as we could be in order to avoid every slight mistake possible and we all went for a 200% performance.

Our line up consisted of: Deadly, Stretch, Phoenix, BoBsaget and Nutrini.
We started off on the attacking side which proved a very tricky and a very difficult position as RoA was bombarding us with flashes & nades, destroying any possibilities of rushing the A bombspot. They used a lot of Claymores aswell and C4, causing it for us to be absolutely impossible to act quickly or to plant safely, we felt like we ran into a brick wall and suffered from a 10-2 loss on attack.
Odds weren't great, the spirits were down and morale wasn't on our side as we launched defense, however, we proved to be just as mutch of a wall to them as they were to us. The teamplay was simply increddible and they just couldn't get us by surprise nor by skill. We were back in the game climbing up to the 10-10 draw with 4 more rounds to go. The pressure was so high it was nailbiting and on the last 4 rounds, RoA pushed their limits, running right over us, causing us to go down hard and lose 14-10.

Even though we got eliminated the first round, I am glad to have played RoA! This was an increddible match, such suspense and action.

It may sound as a disappointment to be sent home right after the 1st round, however we knew this was possible with the hard match EDOM scheduled for us. After the quaterfinals there was RoA vs Fuzion (11-13) and CW vs TeamN (11-13), the final then was won by Fuzion (9-15). All teams which are close to us, and always hard to beat, yet possible to beat. However we happen to face one of those in the 1st round already, we'll try again next time!

Congrats to Fuzion (with ex DEA player T-Boz in their team) for winning the cup.

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Posted on: 24-12-2008, By Eric*DEA

Well played guys, we may of lost, but we once again showed what step forward we made, we're giving the top teams in EDOM a damn hard fight and we are able to beat them :) I'm happy :D

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