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dea news
Novalogic Squad Challenge
Posted on: 01-07-2009 , By Eric*DEA
It's been long since our last update. So there's quite a few things to mention. But let's start with the fresh news:

AGOURA HILLS, Calif. – June 30, 2009 – Calling all squads!!! Novalogic® is pleased to partner with Orb Security in announcing the 1st Annual Novalogic Squad Challenge featuring Delta Force®: Xtreme™ 2 (DFX2). This squad-based tournament will test their teamwork, strategy, and reflexes as they battle for superiority in DFX2.


This of course is outstanding news for the Delta Force community. This is exactly what we at *DEA have been waiting for. A tournament organised by Novalogic and an affiliate of theirs. The tournament will be a knockout with several teams involving. It's said to include 'classic Delta Force maps' and some new fresh 'unreleased' DFX2 maps. The classic maps will most likely be the 5 Joint Operation maps and 5 DF Black Hawk Down maps which we were able to vote on on This of course means we might see our so beloved map Desert Fox.

Prices for the tournament will be as followed:

$400 USD cash award to the First Place team.
$200 USD cash award to the Second Place team.
One (1) MVP Award - a new GTX 285 EVGA Video Card ( Value $400 ) and “Retro” Novalogic T-Shirts.

The tournament is supposed to start on the 22nd of July 2009. Of course *DEA will participate and we'll try and show our best! More information about this tournament is about to follow soon.

Other news!
Since our last news message has been some time ago we've also other news. We have recruited 3 new DFX2 members, these are Scrapper, Junkie and Diamond. Both will try to show us they are *DEA worthy and if they are (which we expect them to be) we hope they will be a valuable asset to our team for a long time to come.

We will also be practicing and playing our first matches in the coming weeks, for example versus the nice lads over at .snb. or versus EuroWarriors. We're sure it will be a great experience for both. *DEA respects it's opponents and not just do we want to perform greatly, we also want to be respectfull and have good connections with all of our opponents!

Delta Force Xtreme 2 is developing slowly but it seems to get there more and more, Novalogic seems to listen to the community and is trying to make the game worthwhile. So far we enjoy it, especially with the promise of getting new maps and classic maps from Joint Operations and Delta Force Black Hawk Down but also for other coming updates such as more developed stats!

Keep an eye on the *DEA page, because more news will be rolling in soon and not just from the DFX2 division, both COD4 and WOW in *DEA are doing more then just fine and they'll keep you updated as well, stay in touch!
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Posted on: 01-07-2009, By jonny

well done boys,hope you win it! :)))

Posted on: 03-07-2009, By Herkulez*DEA

Go Go Go :)

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