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dea news
*DEA has returned
Posted on: 08-07-2009 , By jonny
Yes. This is not a joke. Drug Enforcement Agency is back. Back in the game with which DEA's gaming affairs begun,more than 9 years ago.

Two years ago,when DEA closed its DF2 division, the game looked completely dead and there was no point continuing. A big line was drawn in DEA's history and the DF2 division was closed after 7 years of activity. But lets not forget that most of the oldschool squads who started playing DF2 around DEA's time or a bit later got out of the game way before 2007. So DEA stayed in the game more than the expected. Withouth a doubt because of MTN,who is one of the big df2 names in DEA's history and who was a magnificent leader,managing to keep the division alive in the later years.

But now there is a light in the tunnel.Its DF2's 10th year anniversery this year, officially next one. So DEA DF2 decided to make a comeback which noone would have expected. We are back for the 10th anniversery of the game which started everything for DEA in 2000. With this return we hope to boost the activity of the game,just a little if we can and play matches with the squads left as we know there is a number of them keeping the community alive.

One of the oldest teams in the DF2 history and surely the team with most official DF2 matches,who count to over 700, is going to pick the M4's and SAW's again. The team who has faced probably every single great squad in the given periods of time.

Any ex DEA df2 oldie is more than welcome to come back.We are looking to see some famous pro names :D.
Anyone else who likes to join can fill the Join us form.

Lets hope this return is for good and that we can enjoy it,like in the Good Old Days, because this is the game on our heart,this is the soul of DEA,this is the game which has given us so great memories,this is Delta Force 2.
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Posted on: 08-07-2009, By The Ripper*DEA

There are still some tournaments or leagues in this game or you just will play it just for fun?

Posted on: 08-07-2009, By Angerfist

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuckin sign me up if u can help 2 get it 2 work.

Posted on: 08-07-2009, By Dirtbag

hahaha I bet you guys didnt see that comming :)

Posted on: 09-07-2009, By Eric*DEA

And I was already wondering why jonny was so active on our website lately :D good luck!

Posted on: 09-07-2009, By FlashPoint*DEA

oh my god hahahaha..I can see fierce, icehawk, grifter etc. in the roster.. jeez how cool is that, hope ill find some time to play :D

Posted on: 09-07-2009, By Duke*DEA

welcome back oldies goldies ;) BHD division will beat your match sum, or is the race on ^^ ?

Posted on: 09-07-2009, By Boondock*DEA

good luck -x-

Posted on: 10-07-2009, By jonny

df2 > all :D

Posted on: 11-07-2009, By T3*DEA

you are crazy!

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