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dea news
Members and Matches
Posted on: 11-07-2009 , By jonny
Here are the members who filled the DF2 roster.

Dacona,who takes executive officer functions and who has been with DEA since 2005.
allst*r, a great addition to the team,who is ex LOD,TKA and -os-.
Angerfist, who is in our COD4 division and an oldskool player.
chenza, who had been with DEA for a bit before and is ex mbn and os too.
Fierce, one of the biggest names in history of DEA,who has played most matches.
Flashpoint, another DEA oldskooler.
Grifter, DEA Oldskool, incredible M4er.
Quake , good player,eh ^POH ,also had experience with DEA before.
r4ving, a close friend of our missed friend Patjuh,been with DEA in CS 1.6
Real, another great player who came back, ex os,mbn,box,x1 but last 2 years he was with DEA.
Rodent, a good saw, ex mbn.
wlw, a good m4 addition.
Yousef,the leader of our COD4 division,also been with DEA in df2. I thank him that he showed intereset besides being busy with the "more active" cod4.
][)-(wK, another DEA oldskooler who came back.Hope he owns like the old days.

Anyone else who would like to join,new to DEA or old DEA is welcomed to do so.

We are having two upcoming matches against the top squad out there Infamous. One is going to be TKOTH at wednesday , the other CTF at Sunday.

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Posted on: 11-07-2009, By The Ripper*DEA

Wish you good luck with your new lineup. Hope you own the rest of this community :-)

Posted on: 11-07-2009, By Stretch

Wow great news, awsome to see guys like Flashpoint and Icehawk back playing for dea. Best of luck Payload

Posted on: 11-07-2009, By Eric*DEA

Go win them boys :)

Posted on: 11-07-2009, By Bloodgang

Very nice to hear Dea is back at the old game, just played recently with some of you. kinda reminds me of the good old times. wish you folks the best of fun we will be seeing each other over there since Ive also started to play df2 again ;) for those who dont remember me, i remember you! :D *former Marine JAG / RAF / SAS ;)

Posted on: 12-07-2009, By melodicaa

gl hf peeps :)

Posted on: 13-07-2009, By Nutrini

Hey nice :P best TKOTH lineup ever still is :P Ruthless / Relic / MasterK / Stoneblade / Devious / b0jang / cj / Asschun .. was fun!! Good luck!! :)

Posted on: 16-07-2009, By Carbon*DEA

OMG i get tears in my eyes i read the list of names!!! :)

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