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dea news
First match
Posted on: 20-07-2009 , By jonny
Last night we had our first match in two years and since coming back. It was Capture the Flag against the good team of Infamous. CTF, not really our home gametype,but we gave it a go and tried our best.

At flashflood nothing really happend apart from that we couldnt get on our feet and Infamous winning it easy with 4-0.

We hoped we do better at Savannah and we did. We went in the lead first, then Infamous came back and went infront but we leveled the flags again. If we defended better,we could have snitched it but at the end we managed a tie and it finished 5-5.

At Cat1,another difficult map,we needed to win to draw the game but as Icehawk mentioned, he couldnt remember when we have actually won that map. Infamous getting 2 quick flags leaving it impossible for us to get back and finally losing it 5-0.

I must add there was fairplay and no bullshiting from anyone. Well done to both teams. We are both in it for the same cause. To have fun and keep the activity as much as we can, so there is really no need for anything else apart from playing.In general a good game and good way of playing first match,despite of losing to the better team at CTF.

Our next match is again against Infamous,this time the TKOTH one. Cya next sunday boys.
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Posted on: 20-07-2009, By The Ripper*DEA

There aren't any other teams in this game, or why you play versus the best team at the start of your new division? :P

Posted on: 21-07-2009, By Boondock*DEA

nice 2 see u play again boys, good luck next weekend :)

Posted on: 21-07-2009, By jonny

tkoth should look better :P

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