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dea news
2 Matches from Black Watch
Posted on: 21-07-2009 , By TarZan*DEA
Today we played 2 matches in The Black Watch division in the Euro-Domination league, a league we participate in since August 2008, while having made a name in that league in the autumn of 2008 and winning some awards + showing of some good performances *DEA has actively returned to play in Euro-Domination and try and show our best again.

With success, we now are very active once more there again. We're in the top 5 of clanratings in Euro-Domination and currently the #1 in The Black Watch division of Season 15. To make sure we stay on that spot we must try and keep winning, tonight we played versus Mugs and c1.

*DEA versus >Mugs<
First we played against The Mugs Clan and it was a while since we played against these guys because their team has been a bit inactive lately.

We played the map Showdown. We started out on Defence and got up to a 12-0 lead. It was a little bit harder on Attack but we managed to bring the win home! End score was 20-4 to *DEA.
Wolf made a good ace, when we should defuse the bomb on Defence. Check out this short movie of Wolf*DEA performance in the recent match.

*DEA versus c1
The second match was against c1 (The Chosen Ones).
We played the map District which is a pretty nice map if you know it well. You can have good advantage on Defence. When we play against c1 we know it will be a close battle between the two of us. *DEA started on Defence and got a pretty good start. We went up to 9-3 then started on Attack which was pretty hard in the start since we had to figure out how they played this side. After a while we managed to pick them down and won the match with 14-10!

*DEA in E-Dom & The Black Watch
We are in the lead in The Black Watch division and have 7 countries ahead. Check the link (source) of this news message to see the full table!

*DEA now has a win streak of 12 matches in Euro-Domination, the previous record for *DEA in Euro-Domination was 10 wins in a row, we hope we can keep up the streak, but it will be tough!

We have a lot of matches coming and even if we have a pretty big lead now still a lot can happen. However we do know that we can afford to loose a few matches on the way till the end of the season on the 4th of August. We'll do our best to bring in the 2nd gold for *DEA in Euro-Domination, we're very optimistic about our chances!
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Posted on: 22-07-2009, By iXi

n1! :D

Posted on: 22-07-2009, By Eric*DEA

I'll fix this news message for you later today Andreas.

Posted on: 22-07-2009, By Eric*DEA

nice, keep it up guys :D

Posted on: 22-07-2009, By Deadly*DEA

Great job lads! Keep it up!

Posted on: 22-07-2009, By 3at


Posted on: 22-07-2009, By Xenon

Looks like it was a tough and intense match, awesome footage!

Posted on: 22-07-2009, By dolb

You fail anyway ;D

Posted on: 23-07-2009, By Cyclone

nice movie

Posted on: 23-07-2009, By Ševious*DEA


Posted on: 24-07-2009, By perilous

Haha woww nice run wolf. I'd be beyond pissed if I was the other team

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