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dea news
S&D Against TeamCelsus
Posted on: 23-07-2009 , By 3at
Last night we played team Celsus for the cm storm cup. Team Celsus clanbase info can be checked here. As you can see they are a pro team and ranked 25 on clanbase s&d ladder. We knew it wouldend be an easy match but despite that fact DEA put on a vintage display.

We started on their map crash and to our surprise we didend feel outclassed in the beginning, still due to a number of mistakes and unlucky situations we got beaten with a 13-7 score. They didend beat us on frags but more on the tactical side of the game because scores where almost equal on both sides throughout the whole map. I gues you can say we all where a bit nervous playing against such a high profile team and this carried on in the second map aswell.

On strike we continued as we did on crash, scores more or less the same with team Celsus starting to play better and better. We gotten more nervous and we didend play as good as we usually do here. Team Celsus played a slow but effective tactic and they made us pay heavely here.

End result 26-13
No doubt this was a great experience for the team and looking back at the result we shouldend be to dissapointed about it. Overall we played well vs a team that is way out of our league. I also want to add that both teams showed great sportsmanship throughout the whole game.

DEA line up: tarzan, 3at, devious, wolf, ixi
Team Celsus line up: Robz, puni, simon, dr, koning

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Posted on: 23-07-2009, By TEX

Unlucky guys, Celsus was my old team for COD!! they are a good bunch of players so your result being pretty close is very good!!

Posted on: 23-07-2009, By 3at


Posted on: 24-07-2009, By iXi

test of a test.. .. cool game, good to at least get decent amount of rounds with celsus:P

Posted on: 25-07-2009, By Ševious*DEA

Well pwned them on crash though :D nah was a gg, nice bunch of guys fun to play against.

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