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dea news
COD4 September Update
Posted on: 30-09-2009 , By Eric*DEA
September has been a busy month for *DEA COD4. *DEA has been playing a lot of matches in EuroDomination & ClanBase. We also played in a Custom Map Cup in E-Dom, here we unfortunately didn't manage to win, however we got 2nd bringing home the silver medal for *DEA. Still a good achievement for *DEA.

*DEA COD4 has played 38 official matches in September, winning 29, drawing 2, loosing 7.
This means *DEA COD4 is not only performing well in quantity, but also in quality! We're an active 'well skilled' team, this we are already for a year basically. And it's impressive how we've managed to keep this up for such a long time, knowing the 'bad' starts *DEA has had in COD4 in the early days of COD4.

*DEA in ClanBase
*DEA COD4 plays in the ClanBase COD4 ladder to practice, to gain experience et cetera.
Below here are the results of *DEA in ClanBase displayed in the month September, a decent performance for our 'still learning and improving' team.


*DEA in EuroDomination
EuroDomination is a friendly competitive community in which *DEA has been playing for quite some time now. This is where our main focus is, we've been succesfull lately in winning the Black Watch league and a KnockOut Cup.
Now the new season has started and we're trying to win the Black Watch again. But our main focus in E-Dom this time is on the Road To Victory Tournament, this is a tournament we have not yet won in E-Dom, therefor we want to give it our best shot so far this season.
*DEA is scheduled in the highest ranked group in E-Dom and therefor facing only the top teams in E-Dom, a hard goal, but a goal we can achieve nevertheless.


For our E-Dom results follow the 'source' link of this news message.

October will be another busy month for *DEA COD4, if we manage to perform well again that month then *DEA COD4 will most likely be close to gaining some awards in E-Dom once more.

New Recruits & Full Member
To end this news message I would like to welcome our newest players in the COD4 team; Luna and Pinpoint. Welcome and have fun!

We would also like to congratulate Dano on passing his trial, he has proven himself worthy to *DEA, we hope he'll be of great value in the future for *DEA as well!
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Posted on: 30-09-2009, By TarZan*DEA

Nice post Eric. Welcome to the hood boys

Posted on: 30-09-2009, By 3at

Nice summary.

Posted on: 02-10-2009, By The Ripper*DEA

Good Job :-)

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