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dea news
DEA vs ={TSC}=
Posted on: 26-10-2009 , By TarZan*DEA
Yesterday, *DEA has faced ={TSC}=, who is currently leading the league of The Black Watch on Euro Domination, in 2 intense battles. That night was important to take another step closer to victory as we were attacking one of their countries and defending one of ours. Securing a win on both would set us on a draw with them.

On the first map, Vacant, it was very noticable all our hard work and training paid off as the opposition had difficulties securing some of the rounds which caused us to end it in a smashing win of 18-6.

Our next match against them was on Vacant once more and the opponent gave us a propper run for our money. They adapted their strategy very well to counter ours which ended up in a fierce battle to go for the win on these grounds. Thanks to some quick thinking and adapting of ourselves, we still managed to secure a victory and ended with a nice 14 to 10.

Securing these 2 wins placed us on a draw with ={TSC}= and puts us back in the race for winning this competition though we still have a long way to go. Looking forward to the next matches we'll be playing, we'll be prepared to face each and every one of them and hopefully without casualities.
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Posted on: 26-10-2009, By dolb

Well played on 2nd mp Tarzan ;D

Posted on: 26-10-2009, By Danothebull

The 2nd match was for an unoccupied country. Also, once that match has been confirmed we will be above them, not tieing. Otherwise, nice report! :)

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