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dea news
With a little help from our friends..
Posted on: 18-12-2009 , By Deadly*DEA
Hello and welcome to this snowy December update from the World of Warcraft section.
We are currently in the second week of the major 3.3 patch that released the first quarter of the long awaited Icecrown Citadel. This first consists consists out of 4 boss encounters and is the first out of 5 instances that will get released over time.

25-man raiding
Our travels have brought us up against the first boss called Lord Marrowgar, a terrifying skeletal abomination with massive wings, multiple heads and a big badass axe. With practice and coordinated movements, he was shown the quickest way to the floor and bested by the heroes of DEA.
Lady Deathwhisper proved to be quite a tough fungal egg to crack and left us with a bad taste in our mouths. Though our progress didn't end and we gradually figured out how to counter her abilities and minions and I'm certain she will go down soon.

10-man raiding
In the meantime, a select group of brave adventurers took the fight on in the 10-man version of this instance and quite swiftly, they brought Lord Marrowgar and Lady Deathwhisper to their demise. The encounter they have then, with amazing joy discovered was the Gunship Battle. As champions of the Alliance, they had to take the battle against the champions of the Horde, as even in the perilous times of Northrend, the never ending war between the Horde and the Alliance doesn't come to an end. The battle itsself didn't turn in our favor yet, but this week more incursions are planned and I'm confident we'll show who's supperior once again.

Overall, we have gotten quit a few new faces in the guild and from the bottom of my heart I welcome them all and wish them good luck with their trial period.
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