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dea news
EGL Final, Part One.
Posted on: 13-07-2010 , By Zed*DEA
Tonight we played the first leg of our EGL final against DC. The maps were Eye of the Dead and House of Pain.

HoP A- We were left with the long side to start with, and struggled to adapt to the passive approach of DC in defence. After a time with both PSPs and a couple clears we were unfortunate to spend the last 5 minutes with no PSPs and their zoners firmly entrenched in the zone. They held it at the end.

HoP B- This side round things were a lot simpler and apart from getting both our zoners cleared by clays at the time things went a lot more smoothly. This side was clocked.

EotD A- This map was mostly controlled by *DEA, although we focused a bit too much on raping and could've probably clocked it. As it was in the end we held the zone firmly, only to see it cleared in the last 20 seconds, with the last zoner dying with 1 second on the timer. As frustrating as it was to be cleared, congratulations go out to the DC member for managing it.

EotD B- We clocked this side, having learnt our lesson from A side. Again the passive approach of DC was a source of frustration, but when on the attack they werent able to pose the same threat.

The second half of the final is tomorrow night, with Meat Grinder and Dust Devil to be played. As things stands its 2-2, with all to play for tomorrow.
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Posted on: 14-07-2010, By Danothebull

Good luck guys!

Posted on: 15-07-2010, By Eric*DEA

Congrats all BHD guys :)

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