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dea news
EGL Final, Part Two.
Posted on: 15-07-2010 , By Deus*DEA
Last night DEA played the second leg of the EGL BHD Final in which we played DC.

The match started with both teams tied on 2-2 after the first leg and with a clean slate to play on it was anyones game.

The first map of the night was Dust Devil and as we already knew this was DC's favourite map and probably one of our weaker ones we went in knowing they could certainly have the edge. We started the map well and after an easy PSP grab and the first couple of frags we pushed towards the second PSP. We managed to get it after a couple of attempts and put pressure on DC to try and push them back. Unfortunately our organisation on the road meant too many gaps were left and DC got through quickly. Eventually DC turned it around and got both PSPs and pushed us back, they did well to control the road but after each med chain got closer to the PSP we knew it wouldn't be long before we could put pressure back on them. The end of the map saw us holding a PSP with DC holding one but we focused on the zone in the last minutes and held to make it 1-0 (3-2) to DEA.

Second map started and after a quick discussion as to how we should be holding we felt a little more confident. Although DC were good when it came to having 2 PSPs we felt we supplied more pressure when it was 1 PSP each. Once again we started with a quick PSP grab before moving around and this time getting both PSPs on the first attempt. Once again we tried to push DC back but despite our previous chat people tried to cover too many gaps and DC was able to med chain through. The map was literally a copy of the previous with DC pushing us back but us breaking through with a PSP touch. The last 10 seconds saw us with the zone and 1 PSP but after DC got one last touch on it we were not close enough to get the zone and M6 was cleared with 5 seconds to go. This made the score 1-1 (3-3).

Next map was Meat Grinder, this for us is a map that never really gets played and certainly not a map in which we spend a lot of time on. DC, I would imagine felt the same and once again we started the map really not knowing the outcome. We started on the PSP close side of the map and after a quick grab tried to setup. DC were using a PSP flank tactic throughout the game and tried to get the PSP as much as possible. Eventually they did but they were never able to hold it for a long period of time. The map had no real clear winner and as we knew it would come down to the last seconds which saw us holding with 4 guys who all got cleared in the space of 3 seconds. DC managed to sit one guy in zone making it 2-1 to DC (4-3).

Next map was a similar situation. We played a similar setup to DC and pushed guys on the flank to get the PSP. We did touch it a few times and saw DC quickly get it back like we had done. Once again the map was on and off with no real idea of who could win it in the end. The last seconds started and due to the shorter run for us to zone we managed to hold and win the map making it 2-2 (4-4).

Due to the result being a complete tie over the chosen 8 maps selected by EGL, this now meant we had to move into a decider. The decider picked by EGL was Spiders Web and as this was a very strong map for us in the past along side Desert Fox we felt confident we might have the edge. We had however, not done any tactics for this map since we returned from being inactive so we knew that it would still be a lot of work.

The map started with us showing a clear advantage. Getting both PSPs and dropping 3 DC players in the first run meant we had them back from the word go. We then setup with a hold and found that DC just went straight for the stadium instead. They managed to over power the stadium meaning they could work their way down the slopes to PSP. We held for along time but DC broke through and finally had a PSP. We proceeded to push for their PSP and noticed DC didn't seem to worry about ours and instead just focused on holding stadium. This proved to help us at first as we were able to touch their PSP on a few attempts but as the map got closer to ending DC were able to get one back and controlled a lot of the stadium. We then completely changed our tactics in the last 3 minutes and focused on the inside. Eclipse and Fierce were able to get a hold in the last 30 seconds with 3 of us on the ground to clear. We cleared DC's last player on the 5 second mark which resulted in us winning the decider and making it 3-2 (5-4) to DEA.

The final was probably one of the best I have played in and every map apart from 1 or 2 ended with no real certainty as to who would win it. DEA lost some in the last seconds and DC lost some in the last seconds. Both teams constantly put pressure on one another. I think its safe to say it could of gone either way. DC had the edge on some maps and DEA had the edge on others.

Due to our performance in EGL after being inactive for so long we have decided to now spend a lot of time trying to get back in 'shape' as we are still not performing the way we used to. We are going to go back to basics with tactics, rethinking how we play and building team work back to how it was. We are hoping for a new tournament soon in which we can play again at the best of our ability and hoping that next time Desert Fox will be on the map rotation.

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Posted on: 15-07-2010, By Fierce*DEA

Very well played both DEA and DC, each map was close and certainly the last map could have gone both ways. It was a final how a final should be. Excisting and close. Hopefully there will be many more matches in the future like this. Well played all

Posted on: 15-07-2010, By řin*DEA

gj guys. great news deus :)

Posted on: 15-07-2010, By Stealth

Well done on winning EGL guys. I'm glad BHD can still produce matches such as this, this was my goal along with bringing an active tourney to give BHD a little more spice EGL will be back after the summer and i will be bringing DF into the map rotation. Once again, well done guys

Posted on: 15-07-2010, By urban

Very nice report Deus. I have to admit aswell, this was one of the best leagues I have played in, with 3 beautifull matches. Final was as a dessert, even if it was 8/9 maps. It was a great finish of the league. And a 4-5 win to DEA, the final just couldn't be any better. We did our best and faught you good enough to make it really hard for you, and could've won ourselfs with a 50% chance. GG DEA

Posted on: 15-07-2010, By Herkulez*DEA

Awesome job guys, good to see some life in the old legs still :)

Posted on: 16-07-2010, By Danothebull

Congrats guys!

Posted on: 16-07-2010, By Zed*DEA

A bit of stats, just to demonstrate how close this match was. *DEA kills- 1409. DC kills- 1405 Both teams played for control of maps, which is best reflected in kills over zonetime, which is why I chose that statistic. But looking at the screenshots zonetime would come out equally even. It'll be great to include Desert Fox in the rotation next season and I cant imagine why it was left out this time round, while something like Tunnel Trouble was included. Its good to see admins learning from their mistakes. At the same time the final itself felt a lot of the time like we could've just flipped a coin and decided the winner that way. The number of maps that were won in the last 30 seconds by both teams, at least 3, is also an indication of how insanely close this was. Hopefully we'll get some practice and be better prepared and back up to full speed by next competition, and hopefully we'll see DC again in the final.

Posted on: 16-07-2010, By Mailman

Amazing work guys - gj

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