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dea news
Fall of the Lich King / Hallion
Posted on: 06-09-2010 , By Herkulez*DEA
Before I even get started, I must say this was the best raid with DEA in a long, long time. Of course it's always fun, but for obvious reasons tonight was a bit more elevating.

We headed to the top of Icecrown Citadel for another long night of wiping on the Lich King, same as for the last couple of weeks. There's been a fair amount of bumps on the way and running heads into walls, but I'd say we've made small progress every time. Even those times where we've seemingly gone backwards, we've come back with something new on which to improve.

So tonight we had a couple of pretty early wipes on Lich King and I myself were running between the computer, fridge and bedroom (soothing girlfriend, Imre will sympathise). Perhaps because of me being able to give 100% to the raid after a moment, we started making more progress, getting properly into phase 3 and the vile, exploding-in-your-face Spirits. At first we didn't really even get a dent in them, but we got a hang of the whole switching sides thing better. It started getting progressively better and I even saw some Spirits stuck in the skies with Frost Nova.

It all happened rather fast, the sudden realization that we were actually pretty fucking close to getting the drop on this giant jerk-off of a usurper. The last 20% was really cool, just executing the strategy well and getting closer to the inevitable. Well, the roleplay was slightly tarnished by a couple smartypants shamans, but it was still epic as hell. With the help from Arthas's father we put the last holes into the Lich King. Awesome ending to one of the best characters of the series. Great achievement for the guild obviously, it's taken us a good bit of time, but it was definitely a deserved one (do enjoy those titles).

We got our purples, which were epic indeed, grats to Mcc and Brigid on those. After some posing for the camera we left Fordring to deal with the body and headed for the greener pastures of the Ruby Sanctum. It was the first time I was in the 25-man version and only the 2nd time in the instance ever so I was a bit wary of how epic my failure would be, but it turned out to be a nice continuation to the ass-kicking received by the Lich King. Halion was roughly as big a bastard son of Deathwing as the previous one we've battled, Nefarian.

Some trouble reared its head with the mechanics of the fight and everyone had probably drained their adrenaline in Icecrown, so we were getting a bit tired. After some verbal kicks in our butts from our awesome raid leaders we got our shit together and pushed ourselves beyond the twilight of the gods so to speak (or at least the twilight of this particular godlike dragon). The leadership on Teamspeak was very good during the whole Halion fight, especially on the last phase with the raid split up. The dragon didn't really stand a chance in the end. Some more nice purples, of which I even got a taste of.

A totally awesome night of raiding, which showed that we could work things through in the face of adversary and now we can go on to show we can do it again with these bosses and also some hard modes. This was one of the best raids I've been in with DEA and really took me back to the Blackwing Lair days, killing the Lich King is right there at least on the same level as getting down Nefarian. Halion was a great dessert, if a bit heavy on the stomach.

Thanks to everyone for joining up and see you in future raids (in fact, even more of you, I predict), kingslayers.

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Posted on: 06-09-2010, By Winteron

Nice to hear. Good job.

Posted on: 08-09-2010, By Xenon

Fantastic work guys, well deserved!

Posted on: 08-09-2010, By melodicaa


Posted on: 10-09-2010, By eyebrow

Grats all, good to hear you got him down :)

Posted on: 11-09-2010, By Herkulez*DEA

Wint, Xe....wadafak and Eye :) Damn good to see you guys around :)

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