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dea news
Further progress in ICC25, this time Heroic
Posted on: 14-09-2010 , By Herkulez*DEA
At the first hand the raid seemed like any normal ICC25 raid but it was everything but a normal raid. Last Sunday DEA downed the LK and the LK gave birth to a whole new form of ICC25 called ICC25 Hard modes and today it was the first time for DEA to take a taste of it....

Lord Marrowgar hardmode was the first hard mode encounter we would face in ICC25 but before that heph decided to motivate the raid by telling a small story about a naked dwarf in Ironforge and that dwarf was called ****(censored). The fight itself was quite well executed. Still a few minor errors here and there like some not stacking up or a dying tank but thanks to the great leading on teamspeak we still could down him on the first try.

After that we all greedily went to see what loot he dropped (It was the first lvl277 Hardmode loot !!) but shamefully fate turned against us . More then 66% got disenchanted . (must have been the devils work )

After that we went on to Lady Deathwhisper on normal mode (Weekly quest), The fight was nicely executed but still a few small errors, The quest mob nearly died and he was like under 10% at the end of the fight. For the rest we killed rukago while he was mind controlled , I still tried to save (kill) him with holy shock but it was to late after that I ate a spirit wich was very bad of me but whatever happens end results matter (I guess ?) and gz with the free badges

After a few packs of trash we finally arived at the 2nd Hard mode encounter of the night the Gunship Battle.
We all know that Gunship Battle is a very hard battle (all those dwarves and their weight How the hell can the gunship still fly?!?)
Well first try , first kill , No errors , No dead , Gz to everyone that got loot.

After gunship we tryed to kill ... Deathbringer Saurfang Hardmode We had only 2 attempts on him but still we couldn't down him, to be honest that is nothing to be ashamed off.
The attempts that we had were still quite nice it seems that the general idea is there but it still needs a bit tweaking. In my eyes the marks were going up a bit to fast or the dps was a bit low, at 50% we had 6/7 marks we still could out heal that but both attempts ended up in whipe due marked people getting killed by adds. with a bit of time,effort and organizing we should be able to kill him in the very near future.
After those attempts we did him on normal fast and clean kill
Since we had 7 healers I a little bit bored and decided DI herk after the boss got killed...
So I ended up writing the raid report.

Rotface Hardmode was the next encounter we had to face on hardmode.
We had a few whipes 3 or 4. The first try was not that bad 4.9% We whiped mainly due oozes in the middle of the room and some got killed due a combination of spray/green/misc. The 2 trys after that where mainly whipes because of the vile gas in the melee/tank group and again the oozes were a bit running lose. But on the 4th try he went Down.

After rotface we went to festergut and decided to have a break. while having a break the 2nd of heph's story was told. Hellio is apparently ********(censored) by Ruka the dwarf.

Festergut hardmode also costed us a bit of time , We wiped a few times due enrage timer or by the lack of visibilty of the green Goo in the melee where also a few healer where standing wich caused the tank to die in one try but after some repositioning we did manage to down him. It was still a close call since we had only 6 people or so alive due the enrange timer

After fester we went to Professor on normal mode fast clean kill , only 1 dead due minor error.

After Professor the end of the raid was nearing so we rushed to the other side of icecrown to kill the miniboss and we finished the raid with a nice an clean kill on dreamwalker

kill in 4.xx min We downed 4 hardmode bosses wich is quite nice for 1 day hardmodes. We at least got the potential to down 8 or more bosses in the upcoming weeks and this raid has proven once again that we can down nearly every boss with a little bit patients and effort.

Ps I am still not that long in the guild but the raidleading/team is awesome hope to see more raid of these in the future.

I am dead tired, Goodnight everyone.
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