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dea news
Update from COD4 Squad
Posted on: 25-09-2010 , By TarZan*DEA
First of all let me just say a little bit about the state of E-Dom. We played a series called the Premier League. DEA was the top all the way but came close to getting rid of it to Syn who beat us in a crucial match. Syn fought very hard those games they had left. When Syn had finished playing all the games both DEA and Syn end on the same score. BUT DEA had three more rounds and then became DEA to the victory in premier league.


Some overall update.

We have got some players who have left us and joined us.

Dano desided to leave to [AIR] who is gonna try be rebuilt so he did not wanted to miss this OPPORTUNITY.

Juice and Rain both from Sweden and Makidancer from slovakia have joined us. *DEA are looking for 1 more player to be part of the squad. Will take some time before we are back to the top agian becuse we got some inactive players aswell.

Darktrooper just went away where we dont know. Tid are inactive but coming back soon. ixi playing alot of SC2, 3at is going alot back to BC2 aswell.
Wolf have deside to start playing in E-Dom only and some PCW agian.

Deadly, Devious, Dolb, Jonsey, Luna, Nutrin, Adam are removed from the COD4 rooster.

I really hope we can come back with a strong lineup.
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Posted on: 25-09-2010, By ClubMed

We will get back pretty soon. We always managed to get back to the top. It's not the players who get us there, its the team.

Posted on: 28-09-2010, By Eric*DEA

Hmzzz Dano left? that's a pitty. Hope u can keep going Tarzan, gl :)

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