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dea news
* DEA reaches finale
Posted on: 12-10-2010 , By TarZan*DEA
Qualifying Round vs eXp.
The match started very well but got a great resistance from eXp. DEA made some simple mistakes in the match which was very critical of this when eXp won by 13-11. This means that we do not get out of the cup we go down to the lower bracket. Where we played Lower Bracket Qualifying Round against B & G won big and overwhelming to 23-1.

This means that DEA continues in the cup to the Lower Bracket Quarter Final where we played against * | HF. We had no major problems and won easily with the result 16-8.

The next step was the Lower Bracket Semi-Final against Hjx. This was the toughest opposition in the Lower Bracket. Backlot was played and it was very tight because after the first twelve was the position 6-6. We manage to pick two round lead on attack. DEA managed to win 13-9. A great battle by Both Teams.

DEA has been able to get to the Lower Bracket Final to be played against TDK = =. There was no question about it DEA took charge and won easy with 18-6.

This means that the DEA has made it to the big Grand Final agenst the upper bracket teams are eXp. The team we lost agenst in the first match.
The Grand Final match Should Been Played Yesterday. But eXp Took Wrong on date and toughts it was next monday. So DEA showed Sportmanship and desided thats the cup Would gonna be Played on the 20 oct. 20.00GMT / 21.00CET.

Thanks to, eXtremePro, HF Gaming, Beer and Guns Clan, Team Dominating Kartoons and High Jinx for good games. Now awaiting final against eXtremePro next week and then we hope for a really good fight.

Also want to say thanks to E-Dom( for a great Cup. Keep the good work up.

Match Results
eXp - *DEA 13-11
B&G - *DEA 1-23
HF - *DEA 8-16
Hjx - *DEA 9-13
TDK - *DEA 6-18
Players playing the cup Wolf, iXi, TarZan, Mike, 3at, trolle, Zubzero.

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Posted on: 12-10-2010, By ClubMed

Congratz guys!

Posted on: 13-10-2010, By Miracle*DEA


Posted on: 14-10-2010, By Eric*DEA

Win it Tarzan :P U can do it! =)

Posted on: 16-10-2010, By The Ripper*DEA

gl boys :)

Posted on: 17-10-2010, By 3at

good report, exp are favorites however cause we need to win both maps and they only 1

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