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dea news
DEA wins edom league cup 2010 in thriller final!
Posted on: 21-10-2010 , By 3at
Yesterday we played the rescheduled grand final against eXp. For DEA this was a special match because eXp was the team that had beaten us before in controversial circumstances. That beiing the reason we had to play all the way up to the grand final from the lower brackets of this cup.
DEA was still put on a disadvantage beiing a lower bracket finalist, they had to win both maps where eXp only had to win one to take the trophy home. DEA poured motivation from this inspired by Tarzan who took this match as a personal vendetta against eXp to take revenge for that lost match early in the cup.

First map to be played was strike wich was chosen by DEA. We knew we could play this map to our strength and having beaten eXp on it before we were confident to win this. DEA won the knife round and picked defence.
We started this map nervously and we could tell eXp prepared well and they probably expected that we would take strike. It was 3-3 untill we made some adjustments and started picking up the pace. Our oponnents couldend reply and we took the first half by 9-3.
On the attacking side we continued and won the map quite easely with 13-4.

Next map chosen by eXp was backlot. Having won this map against us early in the tournament we kinda expected they would pick this. This time DEA lost the knife round and eXp had chosen defence to start.
This was the map that could lose or win it all. The pressure was piling up for both sides but i had the feeling DEA had the upperhand on the mental part. We played well but some mistakes and a very resillient eXp team denied us to take a lead and the first half ended 6-6.
The next half was gonna decide it all, i told the team that no sudden death round would be necessary because DEA would win this hoping to build up some confidence.
Still both teams continued on the pace in the first half and continued equally matched untill the score was 10-10. At this point DEA started to play very carefull and smart leaving the initiative to eXp to get the bomb planted. DEA took 3 rounds in a row and won the match by 13-10 and has taken the cup home in a truly memorable fashion.

Thx to everyone who played, also the ones that did not play the final. Without them this wouldend have been possible. You guys know who you are.
Also special mention for Dt who made a nice debut come back appearance in this final after a long period of absence.

Line up : Tarzan, 3at, Dt, ixi , Trouble
Also played in this cup : Wolf, Mike, Trolle, Zubzero

And thx eXp for the match up, you made us work hard for this victory, better luck next time!
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Posted on: 21-10-2010, By The Ripper*DEA

Amazing boys! Keep it up.

Posted on: 21-10-2010, By Eric*DEA

Great story 3at, makes me miss it :D I totally understand ur line about Tarzan's personal vendetta... that means you're playing with one man extra :D:D

Posted on: 24-10-2010, By àléxander*DEA

good job! =)

Posted on: 02-11-2010, By Mailman

Excellent work guys - awesome :)

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