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dea news
*DEA knocked out early in EDOM Winter Cup!
Posted on: 04-02-2013 , By Eric*DEA
Yesterday the Winter Cup 2013 hosted by EuroDomination was played and *DEA participated!

While we were considered as a team not easy to beat *DEA did not manage to survive the quater finals. In these quater finals *DEA was up gainst Air Gaming, a well known and hard to beat opponent. We played Air Gaming on Crash, while we consider Crash as a map we can play fairly well we must admit we don't really have a 'home' map yet with the current 'new and rusty' team. Air Gaming however considers Crash as their favorite map as well and they did play with a line up of experienced (but also rusty) AIR players. This all resulted in a disappointing loss for *DEA.

We never really stood a single chance against AIR last evening. As our matchleader of yesterday's match, ZubZero*DEA said: 'They took a strong lead from the start and rushed us over everywhere! We decided to change tactics yet again we were over rushed... while Tid from Air Gaming was on the top of his game leaving our players near 'B long' on crash no chance'.

Half Time 9-3. And that was just on Defence... we still had to play on Attack, which promised even a harder challenge. ZubZero*DEA said: '1st round on Attack we picked off easy, rushing fine... but next rounds they again overpowered us, rushing middle leaving us no chance once more'.

We lost the match 13 - 5. These are cold numbers... however this was our 1st official match in a very long time with a renewed team, so we shouldn't be sad. There's work to be done and we are eager to do that!
Next to that we thank Air Gaming for the great game and it was great seeing our friend Danothebull again, well done! We also congratulate Air Gaming on winning the cup because they managed to go all the way and win it all. So in the end we can still be a little happy having lost against the cupwinners. Air Gaming managed to overcome Team DiGital in the final.

We hope this cup will encourage EuroDomination to host more COD4 events, soon (February 25, 2013) the Road To Victory Tournament Season 11 hosted by EuroDomination will start, we hope to come out stronger there!
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Posted on: 04-02-2013, By Lefty

GG though and better luck next time! =)

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